MTS Gardening Is The Top Choice For Commercial Disinfection Services

MTS Gardening is here to help you eliminate dangerous biological contaminants and all the harmful elements from your facility or commercial workspace. With our years of experience with chemical industry and fumigation expert staff, we offer top notch disinfection services that combine chemical disinfection fumigation with sanitation methods to wipe out harmful entities from your commercial space.

Our Products

Chemgene HLD4H 5 Litre
Delite Hand Sanitizer 5 Litre
Delite Hand Sanitizer 5 Litre
Radix Disinfectant Spray

How Does Our Disinfectant Fumigation Process Looks Like?

  • Survey

    Once you get in touch with MTS representative, We arrange a survey in order to better understand your workplace and your requirements for the disinfection services. Once we have a clear idea of your requirements for the office disinfection services, we develop a conclusive disinfection plan that covers all the critical areas of your facility.

  • Disinfection Treatment

    This is the most important part in the process. To conduct effective disinfectant fumigation in your business or work facility, we sport electric chemical fogging unit to spray atomized Spartan Chemical on all the non-sensitive and hard surfaces of your facility. As for all the sensitive areas and surfaces where electrical fogging may cause damage, we opt for a manual chemical dispensing device to minimize overspray.

  • Additional Touchpoints Disinfection

    The prominent areas of a business facility are most likely to cause virus or germs transmission. For these areas, we conduct thorough disinfection using manual approach with hands.


What Do Our Disinfectant Fumigation Services Include?

  1. Commercial Office Buildings Disinfection

    Keeping your employees and valuable clients healthy is crucial. With our office disinfection services, keep your facility a secure and healthy one for all who conduct business activities with you.

  2. Restrooms Disinfection

    Restrooms are an essential part to any business facility and hotels. With our highly professional staff at MTS Gardening, we ensure that your workspace restrooms are always clean and safe for all the guests.

  3. Industrial Facilities Disinfection

    Gunked-up machines and dirty tools are more likely cause bad infections and other problems with injuries. Our Manufacuring facility disinfection services is a great way of keeping your production personnel safe and sound.

  4. Medical/ Health Facilities Disinfection

    A dirty medical facility is hazardous to both the personnel and patients and it can cause major issues for those in sensitive condition. Avail of our medical and health facility disinfection services to ensure that your hospital, clinic is a safer place for patients and medical staff.

Why Choose MTS Gardening For Commercial Disinfection Services?

MTS Gardening is a certified services for all your disinfection needs. With years of hard work and top-notch services, we’ve developed ourselves as the top fumigation and disinfection service providers in the market with highly reasonable prices.