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Stedec Decovas Insecticide 50 EC DDVP (1 Litre Bottle)


A powerful insecticide specifically designed to effectively combat a wide range of pests. This high-quality solution offers reliable pest control for both residential and commercial settings, ensuring a pest-free environment.

Stedec Decovas 50 EC DDVP is formulated with precision and expertise to target and eliminate various pests such as mosquitoes, flies, ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, and other crawling and flying insects. Its active ingredient, DDVP (Dichlorvos), is known for its strong insecticidal properties, making it a trusted choice for pest management.

Termite Insect Killer Powder Odorless Non-Flammable 80 Gram Pack (USA Imported) Termite Killer Control For Infestation & Prevention


Discover the ultimate solution to termite infestations with the Termite Insect Killer Powder Odorless Non-Flammable. Imported from the USA by MTS Gardening, a renowned company in the industry, this 80-gram pack of termite powder is your powerful ally in controlling and preventing termite damage.

Designed specifically for termite control, this odorless and non-flammable powder is highly effective in eliminating termites and protecting your property from their destructive activities. Termites can wreak havoc on structures, compromising their integrity, but with Termite Powder, you can regain control.

Touch Cockroach Killer Gel – Insect Killer – Insect Gel – Insects eliminate Paste (Pack Of 3) Pest Control


Tired of dealing with persistent insect infestations? MTS Gardening has the perfect solution for you – the Touch Cockroach Killer Gel. This powerful insect killer gel is designed to effectively eliminate a wide range of crawling insects, including cockroaches, with ease and efficiency.

Urea Fertilizer 1 Kg Pack (Best Quality)


Urea fertilizer is a popular and effective nitrogen-based fertilizer that can be used to improve plant growth and yield. It is a white crystalline substance that is soluble in water, making it easy to apply and mix with the soil or other fertilizers.

Warrior Cockroach Killer Gel – Insect Killer – Pest Control Insect Gel (30 Grams)


Introducing the Warrior Cockroach Killer Gel, Insect Killer the ultimate solution for combating cockroach infestations. Developed by MTS Gardening, a trusted name in the industry, this 30 grams pack of insect killer gel is your powerful weapon in pest control.

The Warrior Cockroach Killer Gel is specifically designed to target cockroaches, one of the most resilient and troublesome pests. With its potent formula, this gel effectively attracts and eliminates cockroaches, putting an end to their relentless presence in your home or business.

Warrior Cockroach Killer Gel – Insect Killer – Pest Control Insect Gel (30 Grams) Pack Of 3


Introducing Warrior Cockroach Killer Gel, the ultimate solution for eliminating stubborn roaches and other crawling insects. Engineered by MTS Gardening, a trusted name in pest control, this powerful insect killer gel comes in a convenient pack of three, each containing 30 grams of highly effective gel.

With Warrior Cockroach Killer Gel, you can take control of your home or workplace and bid farewell to those pesky intruders. Designed for easy application, simply squeeze a small amount of gel onto strategic areas such as cracks, crevices, and corners where roaches and insects are likely to hide and breed. The gel formulation is specially formulated to attract and tempt roaches, ensuring maximum effectiveness.