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Electric Disinfection Trijet Fog Machine USA (Refurbished)


Rated Power: 1000 watt
Capacity: 3liter
Spraying Range: 3-4 meter
Spraying Rate: 150-260 ml/min
Wire length: 2 meter
Dimension: 32*22*43 cm
Net weight: 3KG
Color: Selvir
Material: S.S
Gross Weight: 3.1 KG
Style: Adjustable, Ergonomic

Electric Disinfection ULV Sprayer 1200w


Rated Power: 1200 watt
Capacity: 5liter
Spraying Range: 6-8 meter
Spraying Rate: 150-260 ml/min
Wire length: 5 meter
Dimension: 32*22*43 cm
Net weight: 3.2 KG
Color: Blue
Material: Plastic
Gross Weight: 4.1 KG
Style: Adjustable, Ergonomic

IGEBA TF35 Fogger Machine Germany (Refurbish)


Dimensions in cm (LxWxH) 137,5 x 27 x 34
Weight, empty in kg 7,9
Solution tank capacity in l 5,7 / 10
Fuel tank capacity in l 1,2
Performance of combustion chamber in KW/HP 18,3 / 24,8
Fuel consumption l/h approx. 2
Average flow rate in l/h (oil based) 20
Max. flow rate in l/h (oil based) 42
Flow rate with water in l/h 10
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water and carrier 40
Efficient horizontal reach in closed rooms with water 8
Energy supply 4 x 1,5V Monocells
Pressure in solution tank in bar approx. 0,25

Mini Thermal Fogger


Product name: Mini fog machine
Dimensions: 490*170*350mm
Fuel: Butane (220G gas tank)
Smoke additives: smoke shock agent or 0# diesel
Net weight 1.4kg
Medicine box capacity: 2L
Particle diameter: 5-30 PM
Starting method: ceramic igniter

Mini Thermal Fogger HYT-2W


Farm ate 2.0L Mini Mist Fogging Machine.
Model HYT-2W Farmate thermal fogger, fogging machine.
Anti-clogging design.
The right machine for agricultural and garden insect control and for epidemic prevention.
Simplified for easy use and maintenance.
Mini type, light in weight, low noise. Easy ignition. Strong power burst.
Tank capacity 2 LitresTank chemical.
350ml Fuel Butane gas Particle 5-30μmStarting method Piezoelectric ceramic ignition.
Net weight 2.2kgPackage dimension 65 × 20.5 × 38.5cm.

Mini Thermal Fogger MF-100


Type Mini Mist Fogger
Weight 2kg (empty) 4kg (max)
Fuel Liquid Propane Gas
Dimension L600×W175×H420mm
Fuel Tank Diesel
Chemical Tank Water Chemical
Semi Fog Diesel Chemical
Packed size L640×W180×H400mm/0.046CBM
Net weight 2kg
Gross weight 2.5kg

Thermal Fog Machine A-110 Golden Portable Thermal Fogger The All-Rounder For Fogging (Brand New)


Thermal Fogger (Brand New) China
Model 110A
Net weight 10.8kg
Dimension 1090*290*310mm
Solution tank capacity 16L
Fuel tank capacity 2L
Starting model Manual/electric start
Fuel 92# or higher grade clean gasoline
Electric start battery 12v
Fuel consumption <2.5L/h Max. Spray volume 90L/h

Thermal Fog Machine Longray TS-35A / TS-35A(E)

 180,000 200,000

Thermal Fogger
Weight, empty 7.9kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1440x270x315 mm
Weight, empty.(shipping data) 11.6kg
Dimensions (L x W x H),(shipping data)
1288x310x360 mm
Chemical tank capacity 5 L
Fuel tank capacity 1.5 L
Fuel consumption 1.5-2L/h
Performance of combustion chamber 13.8-18.2 KW /
18.8-24.8 HP
Flow rate with oil 8-42 L/h
Battery electricity 4 x1.5 V
Pressure in chemical tank 0.25 bar
Pressure in fuel tank 0.06 bar

Thermal Fog Machine Pulsfog K-10-Sp By German (Brand New)


Empty weight 7 kg
Dimension 106 x 29 x 33 cm
Capacity of solution tank 5ltr
Capacity of fuel tank 2ltr
Cubic capacity of engine 300 cm³
Performance of engine 17,5 kW (24,1 HP, 15.300 kcal/h)
Fuel consumption 1,9 l/h
Automatic ignition electronic ignition coil fed by 4 x dry batteries = 6V
Starting device manual quick start
Flow rate 10 – 35 l/h (according to nozzle size used)
Standard flow rate 12 l/h
Droplet size spectrum (depending on oil viscosity and nozzle size used)….< 25 ?m (oil) < 60 ?m (oil/water) < 150 ?m (water)

Truck Mounted Thermal Fogger IZ-400


Chemical tank capacity 140ℓ
Max. spouting quantity 200ℓ / H
Fuel tank capacity 7ℓ / X2
Fuel consumption 4ℓ / H
Spouting pipe 2ea
Pressure gauge quantity 2kg/㎡
Cooling system air-cooled
Length 1,580mm
Width 510mm
Height 380mm
Weight 43kg