Periwinkle Little Linda Flower Seeds (Vinca Rosea)


Periwinkle (Vinca Rosea Dwarf Little Linda) – This stunning variety of Periwinkle ground cover plants has deep rose blooms, and it out-performs itself by blooming from early summer clear up until frost season. This rosy Periwinkle has gorgeous, 2 inch blooms that are bold and stand out beautifully in the garden as a ground cover plant or in a basket or pot. Start Periwinkle seeds for a low-growing yet vigorous spreading annual. Vinca Periwinkle is exceptionally low-maintenance! It takes the heat, does well with poor soil, and doesn’t even need deadheading to bloom continuously.

Season: Annual
USDA Zones: 3 – 10
Height: 8 – 10 inches
Width: 24 – 36 inches
Bloom Season: Summer through fall
Bloom Color: Deep rose
Growth Rate: Fast
Environment: Full sun
Foot Traffic: Light

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Periwinkle Little Linda Flower Seeds (Vinca Rosea)


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